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The original content of this wiki page has been copied
from the PhoneBook tutorial. It might or might not be
in sync with it at the time you are reading this.

If you get the specification for the property at the other side of a relation wrong, the compiler will not warn you, but dbschema.exe will complain with this error message:

Execution aborted. Exception stack:
Remotion.Data.DomainObjects.Mapping.MappingException: Opposite relation 
property 'PhoneNumber' could not be found on type 'PhoneBook.Domain.Person'.
Declaring type: PhoneBook.Domain.PhoneNumber, property: Person

This happens if you write, for example, "PhoneNumber" instead of "PhoneNumbers" in the DBBidirectonalAttribute parameter for the opposite property:

// Wrong: "PhoneNumber" instead of "PhoneNumber*s*" -- typo goes 
// undetected by compiler
public virtual Person Person { get; set; }
// -> Missing DBBidirectionalRelation attribute error
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