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This wiki page is part of the re-motion mixins tutorial.
If you've landed here for the first time and are interested in this subject you will enjoy best results if you start at the beginning: [RM:re-motion mixins]

A class that is supposed to be used only as a mixin has the suffix "Mixin" at rubicon. Not all classes can only be used as a mixin, however. Such classes don't have the suffix "Mixin". An example for this is the elaboration on DessertTopping vs. DessertToppingMixin. It can be found here: re-motion mixins basics -- the 'Uses' attribute and the 'ObjectFactory'#Using {{Uses}}. Whether you stick to this convention or not is a matter of taste (unless you work for rubicon, where the "mixin" convention is mandatory). All examples in this tutorial use this convention, however.

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