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Person objects not only have a FirstName and a Surname property, but also an address property pointing to another domain object – an instance of class Location.

The EditPersonForm gives the user a GUI to edit particular Person objects. In this case, we are looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger, probably the only Austrian Person most people in the world know and who is not dead (like Mozart or Freud):

Labeled with "1" is Arnold's address (or a compact representation thereof); labeled with "2" is the menu item "Pick location". Clicking on "Pick location" will open the Pick location form, essentially a search dialog. It enables the user to search for a particular location and assign it to the Arnold object as new address:

In this illustration, we filter all addresses in the database by country (1), click Search (2) and get a list to pick a Location from (3).

As soon as we click on a Location object in the list, we return to the EditPersonForm and see that the Location has indeed been assigned to
Arnold's Location property:

So far so good. If you have read the page FIXME, you will recognize this mechanism as re-call at work: the EditPersonForm with Arnold "calls" the PickLocation form, which returns to Arnold, the caller, when the user is done.

In order to make this work, the following is required:

  1. the PickLocation must be derived from the BasePage page class
  2. the so-called "re-call header" must specify the required return type
    and local variable(s)
  3. WxeGen.exe must run to generate the behind-scenes boiler-plate
    for a well-behaved re-call page
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