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  • using wxegen.exe on the command line
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wxegen.exe is not supposed to be used by the programmer directly. wxegen.exe is a build step in the build process in your re-motion web project. wxegen.exe is run automatically whenever you rebuild your project (typically while embellishing the web application generated by uigen.exe).

The command line - as written into your web project file by uigen.exe - always looks like this (for the PhoneBook web project):

 \PhoneBook\Remotion\net-3.5\bin\Debug\wxegen                \
          UI\*.aspx.cs                                       \
          WxeFunctions.cs                                    \
          /prjfile:PhoneBook.Web.csproj                      \

The role of the parameters is explained in the overview wxegen.exe:

  • UI*.aspx.cs (input files)
  • WxeFunction.cs (output file)

As the overview explains, the UI*.aspx.cs files are read in, and based on the re-call headers found there, the boilerplate in WxeFunctions.cs is generated. Keep in mind that:

  • wxegen.exe only runs if there are changes to the input files
  • wxegen.exe can use a different base class for re-call page functions
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