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This wiki page is part of the re-motion mixins tutorial.
If you've landed here for the first time and are interested in this subject you will enjoy best results if you start at the beginning: [RM:re-motion mixins]

re-motion mixins are part of re-motion

The re-motion mixins library is part of the re-motion web framework. There is currently no single assembly that contains only mixin functionality that can be used independently. If you want to use mixins in your project, you have to add Remotion.dll assembly and its interface assembly Remotion.Interfaces.dll to your Visual Studio project.

Getting re-motion

You can either build re-motion by yourself or you can download the binaries via the community page (

If you want to build re-motion, you can get the source code from the following subversion repository:

If you do not want to work with a trunk build, you might want to get a version that was used to write all hands on labs or tutorials. This would be:

Please read „How to build.txt" (found in the base directory of the repository) before your build re-motion.

Hint: Where to place your binaries

There are several ways to add binaries in folder hierarchies in a project. We recommend them to put them in a subfolder under the solution file anlongside the projects for the solution.

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