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A re-call header is a comment snippet with XML for WxeGen.exe to read and process. The re-call header annotates the class constituting the re-call function. The re-call header for Pick location looks like this:

As you might guess, this re-call header specifies

  • the return value of the page function is Location – a Location object is passed back to the caller, after all
  • a local variable named items of type Location[] – this array of locations is required for storing the pick-list ("3" in the illustration above) between post-backs

You can use arbitrary types, an arbitrary number of local variables and parameters – even out parameters. A complete catalog of how to write re-call headers can be found here: writing re-call headers.

As soon as you rebuild your project, the program generator WxeGen.exe discovers that the file is newer than the project file and re-generate the boiler plate for handling the desired return value, parameters and page-local variables gracefully. The next section explains how this works.

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