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Reintegrated into trunk at revision 18937
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Added SetupFixtures that automatically set up Northwind for the local SQL Server installation

Changed connection string so that the tests now use the local SQL Server installation rather than SQL Express

Removed NORTHWND.MDF, it's no longer required

Added DatabaseAgent

Updated Northwnd License.txt to make it clear to which files it applies

Moved database to a dedicated Databases folder

Added missing license headers

  1. ./Remotion/Data/Linq.IntegrationTests/Database
Cleaned up
Marked test for RM-3313
Marked tests for RM-3310, RM-3202, RM-3312, RM-3335, RM-3197, RM-3313, RM-3314

Added reference results for VBSamplesOnlyTests.LinqToSqlFirst02

Marked tests for RM-3335, RM-3337, RM-3308, RM-3197, RM-3309, RM-3197, RM-3268

Updated Ignore text for C# test to match current issue description

Marked tests for RM-3267, RM-3197, RM-3110, RM-3337
Marked tests for RM-3207, RM-3265, RM-3198, RM-3197, RM-3336
Named class accordingly
Re-ignored test


Marked tests for RM-3335, RM-3202, RM-3268, RM-3197, RM-3207
Marked tests for RM-3265
Updated Ignore comments for consistency

Marked tests for RM-3198

Changed tests marked as 'not tested' to be explicit instead of ignored; this makes it easier to count the failing tests
Added TestFixture attribute to WhereTests

Added reference results

Marked tests for RM-3314
Added INorthwindDataProvider.Functions, which simply returns the Linq-to-Sql DataContext; this is required in order to be able to access user-defined functions and stored procedures

Added a UserDefinedFunctionTransformer and changed RelinqNorthwindDataProvider to auto-register user-defined functions using that transformer; now most tests in UserDefinedFunctionsTests should theoretically work

Fixed reference results for LinqToSqlUserDefined02

Marked tests for RM-3312 and RM-3313

Marked tests for RM-3202
Marked test for RM-3310
Marked tests for RM-3308, RM-3309, RM-3268
Added Ignore attribute to StoredProceduresTests - not tested
Added transformer for SqlMethods.DateDiff

Registered transformers for SqlMethods.DateDiff and SqlMethods.Like in order to get the SqlMethodsTests running

Marked tests for RM-3269, RM-3306, RM-3207, RM-3307

Refactored QueryExecutor a little so that external methods can be registered

Changed QueryResultRetriever to mimic Linq2Sql's behavior with decimal parameters

Cleaned up
Marked test for RM-3207
Updated ignore messages
Marked tests for RM-3268

Updated Ignore messages