Contributor Assignment Agreement


If you provide patches or want to become a contributor, you have to agree to our Contributor Assignment Agreement. This basically assigns all Copyrights to us, while at the same time providing you with unlimited rights to use any code in your contribution. This is necessary if we later decide to support a more permissive license than the LGPL/AGPL, or provide commercial licenses (especially for the AGPL parts). For example, consider a situation where we would contribute re-linq to the Mono project, but they require use of the MIT X11 license.


We also use this agreement for the following spin-off projects:

We use the Contributor Assignment Agreement authored by Project Harmony, a project dedicated to creating such agreements.


If you contribute patches or other source code, you need to send an email that states your agreement with our Contributor Assignment Agreement and your full name and postal address to Please also download and include a copy of the Contributor Assignment Agreement in your mail to avoid confusion if there are changes at a later point in time.


If you want to receive committer permissions, you need to print, fill out, sign and send the Contributor Assignment Agreement by any of the following means:

a) Scan the signed agreement and send it to

b) Snail-mail it to:

rubicon IT GmbH Stefan Wenig Werdertorg. 14 1010 Wien Austria

c) You may also try to fax it to +43 1 5332555-0, but unfortunately that doesn’t always work.

If you do not own the Copyright in the entire work, you need to state this fact in the submission, and all additional Copyright owners need to provide this Contributor Assignment Agreement.