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The re-motion team has worked on this for quite some time: Michael Ketting gathered the requirements, Patrick Größ wrote a JIRA integration tool based on Michael’s instructions, I integrated that tool into our build system. And now we’re finally “done” – we finally have release notes for our weekly re-motion builds.

Here is a partial screenshot of the ones for version 1.13.43:


The re-linq build packages also have dedicated release notes which only include re-linq issues:


The release notes are automatically generated from our JIRA issues; we try to create descriptive issues for each change we are making. This involves new features and bugfixes as well as  breaking changes, performance improvements, and so on. We started doing so some time ago, in anticipation of having auto-generated release notes, and so we’ve been able to generated release notes for older builds as well. This means if you’re currently using 1.13.23 and want to know what has changed since then, you can simply look up all the release notes starting from 1.13.24 (be aware, though, that older release notes might not be as complete as the new ones). The downloadable ZIP packages contain the release notes of all the builds created for the respective minor version (1.13, currently).

Here’s what the download package for build 1.13.43 contains:


All in all, I hope this will make it easier for you to determine when to upgrade your re-motion versions; and it might also give some meaning to the “COMMONS-1234” keys we’re always referring to in our SVN commit messages 🙂

Written by Fabian

January 25th, 2010 at 12:34 pm

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