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re-linq: Now stand-alone

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I’ve already alluded to it on our mailing list, and now it’s official: starting with build 1.13.41, the re-linq assembly Remotion.Data.Linq.dll is now a stand-alone DLL. Over Christmas, Matthias Görtler spent quite a few hours rewriting those parts of re-linq that used to depend on the rest of re-motion. Here’s the result:

re-linq dependencies 1.13.40 re-linq dependencies 1.13.41

1.13.40: What a difference a reference makes…

1.13.41: Only standard libs, please

As you can see, the reference to Remotion.dll also added indirect dependencies on Remotion.Interfaces.dll, log4net, and Castle DynamicProxy 2. By removing that reference, re-linq now only depends on .NET framework assemblies. That should facilitate interoperability for projects that already use a specific version of log4net or DynamicProxy.

If you have any questions, just post them to our discussion group.

– Fabian

Written by Fabian

January 11th, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Posted in re-linq

2 Responses to 're-linq: Now stand-alone'

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  1. Awesome stuff! I’ve had an upgrade to the latest re-linq on my NH-Linq TODO list for some time, and this will be great to remove the other dependencies. Nice job!

    Steve Strong

    11 Jan 10 at 22:44

  2. Hurrah!!

    And, just to say, as an NH user I’m really grateful to you guys for your work on this as I’m sure it’s made Steve’s job easier 🙂


    17 Jan 10 at 12:28

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