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re-linq on CodePlex

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Fabian had the news first, but here it is: We wanted to take re-motion to CodePlex already, but LGPL v3 is not a valid license there. We modified the license headers of re-motion from LGPL v3 to “LGPL v2.1 or later”, so we should be cool with CodePlex.

Here’s the link:

All the stuff, including the Subversion repository, is still here on, and CodePlex has only a few links and downloads. That’s a first step, and we believe that some people will learn about re-linq only through its presence on CodePlex.

Later, we plan to decouple re-linq from the rest of re-motion, since there is not a lot of shared code: re-linq uses almost nothing from re-motion, and it should therefore be a separate project, with a separate release cycle.

re-store (re-motion’s ORM) uses re-linq and will continue to do so. In upcoming releases, re-store will be treated just like any other downstream project from re-linq’s perspective.

Written by Stefan Wenig

November 10th, 2009 at 1:44 pm

Posted in LINQ,NHibernate,re-linq