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re-lease! or: Is re-motion Really Open Source?

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OK, we promised. Here on this blog, and to customers and partners too. Sure, we will release it. Just a few more weeks. Days! Well, this year, for sure. Of course, when you start promising stuff, life makes sure you’ll be too busy to keep them. But this year, by all means, was not a bold promise.

So here I am, on  New Year’s Eve, copying the last few license files to our repository:

Q: What took you so long?

A: Other stuff got in the way. Plus, this is a large code base, with different licenses for different components. First, we had some funny ideas how we could get away with a single source file license header for multiple licenses, just to make our own lives easier. After dropping this idea, it turned out that we still had to restructure our repository, or nobody would understand which license applies to which part.

Q: What do you mean, multiple licenses? You told us it would be LGPL, didn’t you?

A: The re-motion core framework is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3. This includes mixins and a lot of stuff that we have not blogged about yet, like our O/R mapper (re-store) and our ASP.NET libraries for data binding (re-bind) and control flow (re-call).

This includes everything in

There are two components that we’re releasing under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3: An access control facility (re-strict) and a document management system (re-vision).

This includes everything in and

Q: When are you going to provide some documentation about all of those components?

A: Next year.

Q: Wait: does that mean New Year’s Eve again?

A: Oh very funny, but fair enough. No. We have a large amount of documentation for re-strict re-store, re-call and re-bind already. Fabian is going to blog a lot about mixins (he promised!). Documentation for re-strict is next on our list. re-vision will take some time, we only have the client-side components checked in yet, the server-side stuff is still in the realm of an individual project’s repository, as is the upcoming human workflow library (guess what: re-flow).

Q: What are your next steps?

A: I believe the most obvious feature missing from re-motion right now is a nice little community site. We will have to overhaul our development process to, so that outside contributors have a chance to catch up with what we’re thinking and planning.

Q: I cannot access your repository.

A: Make sure you don’t forget the ‘s’ in https.

Enough for today, see you next year! I’m going to see friends who have a little house with a very nice view over Vienna. Let’s see how the city celebrates our release! 😉

Happy New Year!

– Stefan

Edit: It’s re-store that we already have documentation for, not (yet) re-strict

Written by Stefan Wenig

December 31st, 2008 at 4:07 pm

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  1. Congratulation!

    The Rubicon Team did a great work with this framework. Lets hope that the community gets to know the framework as much as it deserves and this is a great step in the continuation of the success story re-motion.

    Stefan Papp, CTO of Hagenberg Software

    Stefan Papp

    7 Jan 09 at 08:54

  2. Stefan,

    thanks for your kind words, and for the patience while you were waiting for this release!

    Stefan Wenig

    7 Jan 09 at 10:33

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