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Announcing re:motion mixins at 2008

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Hi there, I’m Stefan Wenig, from rubicon informations­technologie in Vienna, Austria. My coworker Fabian Schmied and I just arrived in Redmond for 2008. We’ll be introducing a new mixin mechanism for C# on Tuesday, and we’re going to provide some coverage of mixins here. If time allows, we might also blog a bit about other interesting stuff from, of which there should be plenty.

re:motion is a framework for .NET enterprise applications that we’ve been developing at rubicon for some years now. The mixin mechanism is just one of the libraries it contains, and we’re in the process of moving it all to a OSS development model. If that sounds interesting to you (it should, I promise!), you’ll soon find more information on this blog and on the home page.

This has to be enough for now. Our attendence at has been on pretty short notice, we left Vienna 22 hrs ago. I’m going to sleep, and tomorrow we’ll have to, guess what, finish our presentation.

The next week will see more blogging about re:motion.

– Stefan

Written by Stefan Wenig

January 28th, 2008 at 8:16 am

Posted in,mixins

3 Responses to 'Announcing re:motion mixins at 2008'

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  1. Can you provide more details or samples?


    14 Feb 08 at 06:28

  2. Mihail, as you can see, we’re currently working on this site. Please come back next week to find more information.

    Stefan Wenig

    15 Feb 08 at 09:34

  3. We’ll definitely post samples and lots of details 🙂


    Fabian Schmied

    15 Feb 08 at 11:53

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