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Monitoring commits and st’ing the ex

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Do you know CommitMonitor and StExBar? I found out about them via Stefan’s blog, the blog of Stefan Küng, who is the main developer of TortoiseSVN. Since TortoiseSVN is a great tool that I use every day at work (especially in combination with the invaluable VisualSVN made by another company), I decided to look into both of them. And rightly so: they are great tools as well!

CommitMonitor is a small system tray application that periodically checks an SVN repository for changes, displays a notification message every time it finds someone has committed a new revision, and quickly shows a compact view of the changes and log message associated with that commit. Here’s a screenshot:


I use it to monitor the re-motion trunk, and it works nicely. It’s quite unobtrusive, easy to ignore when you don’t want to be disturbed, and very valuable when you need to be informed of what’s going on in your code base. (Oh, and it is even able to execute commands when a commit is detected, which I imagine could be really useful.)

StExBar (which I suppose stands for Stefan’s Explorer Bar) is an Explorer toolbar. It looks like this:


It adds a few commands to Windows Explorer that (as Stefan says) “Microsoft forgot to implement in the explorer.”

Those are:

  • a quick toggle for “Show system files“,
  • a button to quickly open a console with the current directory being correctly set,
  • a button to copy the names of several selected files,
  • one to copy the paths of several selected files (similar to Shift-right-click/Copy as Path, but faster, and works with multiple files),
  • a button to quickly create a new folder (why is there no keyboard shortcut for this built into Explorer?),
  • another to rename multiple files using regular expressions, and
  • a filter box (which filters the files and folders for a given string) – or – a quick-command box (which quickly executes the given command-line command).

In addition to those predefined commands, you can easily add new ones and assign hotkeys. If you are using Windows Explorer, check it out.

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February 2nd, 2009 at 11:36 am

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My name is Fabian Schmied, and I’ve been the main developer of re-motion mixins for the last 1.5 years. Which means that I’ve written more or less all of the code.

That makes me an expert of sorts, which is nice to impress people; but as re-motion starts being used more broadly, it makes sense to write down some of the stuff that’s currently only in my head (and maybe also in the code). Of course, we already do have some internal documents, slides, and e-mails here at rubicon, but those are hardly suitable to put on the web. Among other things, they are mostly  German.

So, this is why I’m starting this blog. Expect quite a few posts on re-motion mixins here, but I’ll also write about other topics that are interesting to me: .NET, C#, runtime code generation, user interfaces, and even some Other Stuff. Maybe even some Non Computer-Related Other Stuff? Time will tell.

Oh, and to give credit where credit is due – although I wrote most of re-motion mixins myself, I implemented ideas and used components devised by other very smart people: the other re-motion developers, most notably Michael Ketting  and Stefan Wenig (who also blogs at the re-motion Team Blog), Castle DynamicProxy, and the .NET Base Class Library, only to name a few.

Coming up next: A short introduction to re-motion mixins. Stay tuned.

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December 18th, 2008 at 2:46 pm

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