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Why is re-motion so large?

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Some time ago, Lee Henson, the guy who made the Castle Windsor facility for re-motion, sent me a comment about re-motion’s SVN repository. He said it was too large and a bit disorganized, at least from an outsider’s perspective. He asked whether we could start a new repository from scratch now that re-motion’s mixin implementation was open-source. That repository would only contain the relevant code and projects for re-motion mixins, thus making it easier for outsiders to come and contribute.

That surprised me. Of course it’s not a good thing at all that re-motion’s repository appears to be too large and a bit disorganized from the outside. After all, we want to attract other people, not put them off.

So, what’s the problem with our repository? When you check out the source code from SVN and open the Remotion.sln file, it looks something like this:

Remotion Solution

If you only wanted to take a look at re-motion’s mixin engine, I understand you might end up confused.

That solution is so large because it contains the whole re-motion framework. re-motion is made of many components:

Together, these components make for a lot of projects. And we can’t really reduce the number of those – re-motion just is a big framework.

Now, how can we make the experience of checking out the code of re-motion mixins more user-friendly? I have a plan, but in the meantime, please just concentrate on the Core.Core project – it contains the mixin engine in the Mixins namespace.

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April 30th, 2009 at 1:10 pm

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